We present you one of the jewels among our 7th generation boards – EasyPIC Fusion™ v7

EasyPIC Fusion v7 Development Board Released

Being an embedded developer means also being able to adapt your projects quickly according to your customer demmands. This is why we have come up with a brilliant new tool that will allow you enormous flexibility and advantage when starting your next embedded project.

EasyPIC Fusion v7 is the first board to combine three popular Microchip’s MCU architectures – dsPIC33®, PIC24® and PIC32®. These low power 3.3V devices are becoming a new standard in microcontroller embedded market.

Board is equipped with mikroProg – a fast USB 2.0 programmer/debugger. This is a major advantage in development.

Board supports 65 microcontrollers all via 104-pin MCU cards. We offer 5 populated MCU cards which cover all supported architectures. We also offer empty MCU cards so you can solder the microcontroller you need in your design.

Board is rich with peripherals. It contains Ethernet, CAN, two USB-UARTs, USB host and device connectors, Piezo Buzzer, microSD card slot, stereo mp3 codec, sockets for temperature sensors, analog inputs and much more. Each microcontroller pin is connected to 2 male headers, push button and LED, making it ready for all kinds of development.

You can always add more modules using two provided mikroBUS host sockets. Choose between 30 different Click boards and bring a new functionality to your board easily.

Board is sold without an MCU card, so you can choose the one you need. We have prepared special discounts and kits so you can get the tools you need at great prices.

We provide full-color user manuals and schematics, but also a rich set of examples for mikroElektronika dsPIC and PIC32 compilers to get you started quickly.

We invite you to visit the board webpage, get more information, view image galleries and be the first to get your hands on our hot new development tool.

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