We received a couple of photos from an Assistant Professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, showing us how some of the boards we donated a while back are being used. To say the least, the donation hasn’t been in vain. See for yourself.


What you’re seeing in the picture above is an EasyMx PRO v7-powered inverted rotary pendulum, also known as the Furuta pendulum. It’s the robotic equivalent to a seal balancing a stick on its nose. Used for laboratory practice in the department for Automatic control at the Belgrade Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the design is both cheaper and more flexible compared to similar devices you could buy (that’s according to Mr. Ristanovic, the Assistant Professor who sent us these images).


Another type of Pendulum useful for laboratory experiments is the AERO pendulum, shown here. In this case the EasyMx PRO is used as an interface between the PC and the pendulum device. This is also regularly used by students.


The third setup uses a few click boards in addition to the EasyMx board. It demonstrates how an accelerometer and a gyroscope are implemented with a PID controller. The servos are controlled through PWM, with Pitch and roll angles simulated with the setup.

Nothing makes us happier than to see our boards put to use in education, but what do the students think? According to Assistant Professor Milan, students at the department for Automatic control are interested in immediate practical implementations of the material they’ve learned, and to that end, they’ve recognized MikroElektronika’s tools as flexible and versatile, helping them with their papers and graduate theses.

What about you, have you been able to get your job done quickly or more efficiently with our tools? Show us what you’ve done. Send us pictures and descriptions, include “My Story” in your subject line, and we’ll share it with the rest of the world.

Yours sincerely,

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