The development board for XLP (extremely low power) PIC24 and dsPIC33 microcontrollers is on sale, $30 off regular price.

Easy24-33 v6

If you’re looking for a development board for low power PIC24 and dsPIC33 MCUs in DIP packaging, this offer is a real steal.

Easy24–33 v6 has the abundance of features our dev. board are known for: multiple power supply options; mikroICD debugger; USB, CAN, RS232, and USB-UART communications; EEPROM and Serial RAM modules; Piezo buzzer, temperature sensors, LEDs, a character LCD slot and more.

Additionally, Easy24–33 v6 has some standout features like a touchsense keyboard (taking advantage of capsense capabilities of certain XLP MCUs), a socket for a ZigBee module, and a breadboarding area that’s unique among Easy boards.

Easy24–33 v6 supports over 40 MCUs from dsPIC33FJ, PIC24F and PIC23HJ families. The default MCU we ship it with is PIC24F16KA102. It has a 20nA Deep Sleep mode and a 25nA Sleep mode. Furthermore, it uses 500nA for RTC and calendar operations in Sleep modes, and 400nA for Watch Dog Timer operation in Sleep modes.

This offer lasts until Monday, August 4, 5PM CET. With $30 off the regular price, it should be an “Easy” decision ;). For details and specifications, check the product page.

Sincerely yours,

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