This year, Easter treat lasts for an entire week. Until next Tuesday at 12 noon CET, everything in our store is 10% OFF (processed at checkout).

Easter offer

Easter is about fresh starts. Miraculous achievements can stem from humble beginnings. You don’t need huge amounts of venture capital to start a business in hardware. You need a chair, a laptop, preferably a steady supply of electricity, internet and coffee, and one box, like mikroLab. Go from there.

For example, here’s a story from an ex-World of Warcraft aficionado:

Almost 10 years ago I decided to build my first rover, i bought a PIC and a bunch of components. I installed the PIC dev environment and after a couple of days with huge headache I quit it going back to my World of Warcraft account. Then navigating on a forum of PIC enthusiasts i found MikroBasic and after only two weeks of development my rover was moving around my living room.

This is why after all these year I decided to work very hard with @Giacomo and the other Viper founders in helping people to develop for embedded without headaches.

That was the co-fonder of Zerynth speaking, the crowd-funded company that brought Python to the world of microcontrollers (including Flip & click).

That was in Italy. We also have stories from Iraq, Germany, Americas and anywhere in-between.

This Easter we want to nudge you into the right direction so that you will have your own story to tell. Our entire product line is 10% OFF for the entire week (specifically, until Tuesday March 29, 12 noon CET). Browse our articles to pick on possibilities. Check our Let’s Make page for ready-made projects you can expand upon. Stroll through our virtual store, take your pick.

Feel free to send us an email later, to tell us what you have built.

Yours sincerely,

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