Early bird Hexiwears will start shipping next week. With smartphone notifications included in the firmware!

Smartphone notifications weren’t part of the original plan for Hexiwear, but the amount of funds raised prompted us to introduce it as a stretch goal. Now it’s done.

Once you pair Hexiwear with a smartphone, info about your email and SMS inbox, along with the missed calls list will be fetched and sent over BLE to Hexiwear. If there are any unread messages or missed calls, appropriate icons will appear in the upper left corner of the screen.

The exact number of missed messages or calls is a few taps away inside the separate Notifications menu. The numbers change in real time, almost as fast as they appear on the phone itself.

By the time Kickstarter backers start receiving their shipments, we will also update the Hexiwear GitHub repo so everyone can see exactly how the notifications have been implemented. Developers, especially those of you who want to use Hexiwear as a wearable can then take it further and improve the firmware.

While developing this, our team concurrently worked on improving other aspects of Hexiwear, most notably on power management. More details to follow.

Important notice to backers: our shipping provider (DHL) requires phone numbers along with addresses. We need you to fill out the Google Form we sent you, it will allow us to efficiently add your phone number to existing data. This is especially important to early birds, as shipping starts next week!

Yours sincerely,

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