Andrew Hazelden, guy who wrote several games and apps, including SnowBurst game, Mini-Sub, mikroBirthay app and Digital POI project, brings us exciting new application.

As his 200th blog post, Andrew presented us with a fantastic idea and great first implementation of the interface. It’s called dsFreeloader, a graphical bootloader for mikromedia boards, which can be used to load the firmware from the microSD card into the microcontroller.

Andrew writes: The dsFreeloader firmware supports automatic display rotation using the built-in accelerometer and comes with a few programs like an egg timer app and a flashlight app.
There is still a lot of work to be done before it is ready for any public testing. I have the first version of the user interface working with a few built-in Apps. Right now I am working on the micro SD card based bootloader code. I’m developing dsFreeloader using the MikroC Pro for dsPIC compiler and a mikromedia dsPIC33 board.

Even though it is in early stages and needs months of work in his spear time, the project already looks great and has fantastic potential. Just picture several months from now when we will be able to have hundreds of free mikromedia apps and games stored on our microSD card, and we can load them with Andrew’s application.

Andrew, we strongly encourage you to complete your project, and if anyone has any implementation ideas that could help, we invite you to share your thoughts here, or at Andrew’s project blog page.

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