Go to our ebook page at learn.mikroe.com/ebooks and do an in-page search for Dogan Ibrahim. You will find his name under 16 book titles. If you used his previous work to get acquainted with mikroC and 8-bit microcontrollers, then let him be your guide into the world of ARM® Cortex®-M MCUs.

Dogan Ibrahim ARM Microcontrollers book elektor

As with other Dogan’s books, this one also offers to instruct the reader through practical projects. Split into beginner, elementary, and intermediate categories, there is a total of 31 projects featured in this 300-pager.

The book is targeted for beginners. Perhaps those who want to make the leap from 8-bit to 32-bit development.

To follow it, you will need an EasyMx for STM32, a mikroC for ARM license, and with Dogan’s guidance, you will go from LED blinking to a chronograph that uses Timer Interrupts.

For the sake of simplicity, the projects are based on a single chip, STM32F107VC6T0 – which happens to be the default MCU on EasyMx for STM32.

As Dogan’s previous title “Internet of Things – an introduction with PIC microcontrollers”, “Beginner to Intermediate ARM Microcontroller Projects” is published by Elektor. It’s available for $46 with a discount for Elektor members.

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