Dany’s Libstock tutorial for mikroBasic and mikroPascal coders describes common RAM corruption causes and solutions.

RAM corruption

Are you a mikroPascal or mikroBasic coder who had problems with unexpected changes of RAM content? Unexplainable resets of the MCU? Have you had a piece of code stop working after you made some changes to completely unrelated code sections?

If that’s you, make sure to read Dany’s article on RAM corruption.

The 10 page pdf document will teach you to recognize RAM corruption and its common causes (such as exceeding array or string boundaries or not terminating a string with zero).

Each issue is briefly described, then illustrated with commented code examples.

If you haven’t heard of Dany, the first place Libstock award winner, you can get to know him through the interview we posted a while ago. He’s a real celebrity in our community. He contributed over 50 pieces of code to Libstock (downloaded more than 50,000 times). Most recently, we featured his Pascal to Basic code translator.

Read “RAM corruption reasons in mP and mB” on Libstock, and leave your questions, praises or suggestions in the comments section there.

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