DigiKey Electronics, our distributor, has launched a video series called “New product discovering with Randall Restle“. The series is meant to help engineers and makers find new products for their projects. You can watch it on their YouTube channel.

Every two weeks a new episode is released. Last week Randall made a really great overview of our click board™ range.

By the end of the video, he also talks about some of our other products, so watch the whole thing.


Here is what Randall had to say about MikroElektronika and click boards™:

What they sell are these little click board™ modules. Now it turns out we have hundreds of these, and I am forever impressed at the large companies that buy these. These are not just for makers and maker pros – they are very well suited for those guys, but they are also used by very large companies.”

He goes on and explains what the IrThermo click board, that he is holding in his hand, does. And related to that, what is the mikroBUS™ standard.

Rather than you to take the time to evaluate the sensor, and make your own board, and all of the overhead cost to get this thing working – these are essentially like single chip functions that you can put right on a board along with your custom host board.

For more information about our click board, visit the shop.

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