We hope you got some well deserved rest for Easter holidays, and that you have enjoyed your time, ’cause this week is starting with hot news.

Embedded Lab has surprised us with an interesting new project: Contactless digital tachometer build with StartUSB for PIC

Tachometer is a device that measures the rotational speed of any shaft or disc. Traditional tachometers rely on a DC generators connected to a rotating shaft, where induced voltage is used to measure the rotation speed. But this cool new project will demonstrate you how to make a digital tachometer based on a PIC microcontroller that requires no physical contact with the rotating shaft to measure its rotational speed. The physical contact is avoided by using an optical detection technique that requires an infrared light emitting diode in conjunction with a photo detecting diode.

Make sure to visit the project blog and get more detailed information, schematics and source code written in mikroC PRO for PIC

Contact-less digital tachometer with StartUSB for PIC
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