DIGI POT 2 click is a digital potentiometer with 256 steps.

DIGI POT 2 click

DIGI POT 2 click carries a single channel digital potentiometer TPL0501 with 256 wiper positions. It’s similar to the original DIGI POT click – one of the first clicks ever – but we like to diversify as you know by now. Some people prefer Microchip some prefer Texas Instruments.

The IC has 100 kilo Ohms end-to-end resistance, with ±20% tolerance. The board features two pairs of screw terminals for interfacing with the IC DIGI POT 2 click communicates with the target MCU through the mikroBUS™ SPI pins (MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS). The board is designed to use either a 3.3 or a 5V power supply.

The docs page has additional notes on the usage of the board. The entirety of the example code is on Libstock. Remaining details on the product page.

DIGI POT also rhymes with Iggy Pop. Are there any other clicks whose names rhyme with celebrities?

Yours sincerely,

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