Starting from today, we have a new global distributor, one of the largest in the world: Digi-Key.


Digi-Key is a large scale electronics distributor that caters to hobbyists, design engineers, and manufacturers. Based in a small town of Thief River Falls in Minnesota, Digi-Key has more than half a million customers in 170 countries, including big-name corporate clients like Apple and Microsoft.

It goes without saying that we’re very pleased to have Easy PICs, click boards, mikromedias, and almost every other MikroElektronika product in Digikey’s million product catalog.

Digi-Key ships around 3 million orders a year. The majority of the parts they sell are kept in stock in their 74 000 square meter warehouse. A staff of 2600 people runs it on a 24/7 schedule, capable of processing 24000 orders a day.

More than a 1000 MikroElektronika boxes are now sitting somewhere on the shelves of that enormous space, ready for immediate shipping as soon as you place an order.

And that’s just the beginning. As our production capabilities are expanding with new machines we’ll surely continue to supply Digi-Key with more and more products.

So even though we’re celebrating 10 years of compiler development this month, you can see that we’re still keeping our focus on the future. With Digikey, we now have four worldwide distributors for your convenience.

Yours sincerely,

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