DHT22 click carries the AM2302 module, also known as DHT22, a temperature and humidity sensor concealed inside a plastic mesh packaging.

DHT22 click

DHT22 click may be the simplest temperature/humidity sensor click board yet because it needs just a single wire to communicate with the target board microcontroller. For added convenience we placed a jumper (zero-ohm resistor) that lets you specify the mikroBUS™ pin you want to use (either CS or INT pin, which are SDA1 and SDA2 lines).

Whichever you select, the sensor outputs the temperature or humidity data in 16-bit resolution. The resulting decimal number is 10 times the actual measurement (so 256 would be 25.6 degrees centigrade).

To get the most accurate measurement you should set up at least a two second interval between successive sensor readings.

If you do that you’ll get temperature measurements within a half a degree accuracy (ranging from arctic –40 to finnish sauna +80). The humidity from 0 to 100% is accurate within 2%. 

DHT22 click works with either a 3.3V or 5V power supply (regulated with another onboard jumper).

Visit the product page for more details. Libstock examples are also ready.

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