Bluetooth 4.0, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is bringing embedded and app developers together. Discover for yourself what it’s all about, try BLE P click.

BLE P click is designed for BLE applications in the peripheral (slave) mode, hence the P. It carries the nRF8001 single chip Bluetooth low energy IC. nRF8001 is comprises a fully compliant Bluetooth v4.0 Radio, a Link Layer and a Host stack (for devices in the peripheral role).

Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the core technologies that’s driving the development of the “Internet of Things”. It’s the heart of various smart gadgets that keep popping up on Kickstarter. Add BLE P to your design and participate in the innovation. It’s ideal for proximity tags; smart watches; remote controls; and sports, fitness and healthcare sensors.

To jump-start your development, we developed an Android app for communicating with BLE P click. It’s open source and the code is available on Libstock, along with the download link from Google play. You can use it as a starting point for yourn own apps. Make sure to use it on Android devices with hardware and software support for BLE.

See the BLE P click page for specs and details.

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