For slightly more powerful motors.


DC MOTOR 2 click can drive more powerful and faster motors compared to the first [DC MOTOR click][0]. It carries Toshiba’s TB6593FNG driver, which can drive motors with voltages from 2.5 to 13V, with an output current of 1.2 amps average (or 3.2 amps peak levels)

The microcontroller supplies the PWM signal through mikroBUS™, but a few additional pins are there to make sure the rotor behaves just like you want it to, so it doesn’t spin out of control.

A combination of two pins, IN1 and IN2, allows you to configure the speed, direction (clockwise or counter clockwise), or mode of stopping of the motor. It can either abruptly stop with the short break function, or just stop spinning when it runs out of momentum with the regular stop mode.

An additional standby pin is for power saving features, putting the chip into standby mode.


The Libstock example shows off these features. The product page has more information.

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