Dany sets benchmarks on Libstock that are tough to surpass. His latest submission, a CRTOS for PIC32 written in mikroPascal, comes with a 32-page instruction manual.

CRTOS for PIC32 by Dany

CRTOS stands for cooperative real time operating system. According to Dany’s instruction manual, it’s the simplest operating system imaginable, but one that will allow you to squeeze more from your PIC than you would with single threaded applications.

What impresses the most is the supporting documentation. It’s not the first time Dany supplements his code with a written guide. Or vice versa. Remember when we wrote about his common causes of RAM corruption?

One day Dany will dump an entire ebook with his Libstock submission. With 32 pages, this CRTOS guide could sure pass for a Kindle single. The document includes everything from explaining what a CRTOS is, to a programer’s reference appendix that lists variables, tasks, procedures and functions.

Not to take anything from the mikroPascal code. CRTOS has features include things like Task prioritization, semaphore signaling from within an Interrupt Service Routine, unconditional yielding to the CRTOS scheduler and more.

You can expect that the library will be well maintained too — Dany published CRTOS for PIC18 and PIC24 microcontrollers two years ago, and he still keeps updating it (last update posted this month).

Where else will you find this kind of mikroPascal support for PIC programmers? Dany’s Libstock account is a treasure trove.

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