DAC3 click is a 12-bit digital-to-analog converter, which is the same as the original DAC click, but this one uses I2C instead of SPI to feed the digital values from the MCU.

DAC3 click

DAC3 click is driven by Microchip’s MCP4726 IC. One of its benefits is that it integrates some EEPROM for storing DAC register and configuration bit values.

Otherwise, the form factor is pretty similar to other DAC clicks. An onboard jumper lets you switch between a 3.3V and a 5V power supply, and a REF SEL jumper allows you to set the reference voltage either at VCC or 4.096V levels.

4.096V is convenient to use as a reference voltage in 12-bit DACs, because each digital count corresponds to a value of 1 mV.

The Libstock library will make everything even more convenient.

More details on the product page.

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