After a brief period of reduced activity we’re putting our Intern’s Lab back into warp drive. This time we need your suggestions.


As previously stated, the goal of our Intern’s Laboratory is to enable high-school and university students to supplement their theoretical knowledge with some roll-up-your-sleeves experience.

To do so the lab is project-based. Each new person starting out gets the same list of available projects, some easy some difficult. Depending on the perceived skill level or openness to a challenge, the lab member picks a project.

If it’s cool enough we’ll post it to Libstock and share it with everyone, like we did with the pedometer for example. With that project Marko showed us he can walk the walk and today he’s sitting in the software department (he’s Marko #3 in there).

But as a dozen Laboratory participants came and went, the list of projects slimmed down. Instead of coming up with new ones by ourselves, this time we’re enlisting your help.

We know there’s a lot of educators among our customers who may even have a better idea than we do on what would be a suitable project to be completed with MikroElektronika tools.

Still others among you would do it out of your own self-interest — think of a project you’d like to see done and it just might show up on Libstock, downloadable for free. Nothing wrong with that.

All you have to do is write a brief description of your project idea in this text box, and we’ll take it from there.

Yours sincerely,

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