Microchip showcases the functionalities of PIC’s Core Independent Peripherals in their latest tutorial featuring Curiosity and a few click boards.

This tutorial takes place in MPLABX (version 3.1 used in the video) and the MPLAB Code Configurator. The Code Configurator is a graphical programming environment, so there is no actual coding involved.

The use of Core Independent Peripherals frees up the computing resources which can be used to log data, and send them to a cloud. This shows how 8-bit PICs can be effectively employed for modern IoT applications. In many cases, it’s a more effective use of computing power then underutilizing a 32-bit MCU.

The demonstration above uses Microchip’s Curiosity board, the first among Microchip’s 8-bit development boards that employ a mikroBUS™ socket (since then mikroBUS™ sockets started showing up on a number of their boards). Motion click is the sensor, and a relay click connected through wire jumpers serves as the actuator.

Other than that, you’ll need an LED and a power supply for it.

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