The new click pack brought to you by popular demand is — App Lighting click pack.

new click pack

Call it the first democratically elected click pack. On February 4 we asked you to bring forth your candidates. After getting about 20 ideas for new packs we narrowed down the selection to our five favorites — you know, all click packs are created equal but some are more equal than others — and put them to a vote.

The winning click pack, App lighting click pack, comprises RS485 click 3.3V, WiFi3 click, BLE P click and a relay click.

According to the mastermind behind it, “the idea is to design and code a device for controlling up to a universe (512 DMX channels) of LED lights in a lighting object by smartphone apps both for iOS and Android. The design is based on clicker 2 for PIC 32MX

App lighting click pack will go for $79 (as we previously said, that’s 10% off the sum price of those clicks)

Let’s break it down, click by click.

RS485 click 3.3V carries the SN65HVD12 differential line transceiver for high speed bidirectional data communication on multipoint bus transmission lines.

The recently released WiFi3 is a complete self-contained WiFi solution carrying the popular ESP8266 module with a system on chip. The module has an integrated TCP/IP stack, supports Wi-Fi Direct (p2p) and boasts powerful processing and storage capabilities that offload all networking functions from the MCU.

BLE P click was the first Bluetooth Low Energy click board we released (BLE 2 click came out last week). It carries a nRF8001 IC. The “P” stands for peripheral.

If your curious to know, the runners-up in the click pack election were Wireless Guru 2 and the smartphone extender at close third (here’s what they’re made of). But for now, we’ll be adding only the winning pack to our official click pack line-up.

Congratulations to the creator of this click pack. We don’t know your name but we have your email, you’ll be getting your pack for free. And we expect to see your device. At least one DMX controller built from MikroE hardware is already out there.

Yours sincerely,

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