Keep your DC motor shafts in check with Counter click.

Counter click

Counter click carries the LS7366R quadrature counter, meant to be used in conjunction with a rotary encoder to quantify the speed and direction of rotation of DC motor shafts.

After a certain RPM rate is reached, the rotation of a shaft becomes a blur to the naked eye. A quadrature counter can clarify that blur with precise numbers. Here’s how.

A rotary encoder on a DC motor (actually the same as on Rotary click) outputs ENCA and ENCB signals which are out of phase to each other. To decode the signal, take the other end of those wires and connect them to the pinout on top of Counter click (in addition to ENCA and ENB, there’s also a ENCI pin, which is a programmable index).

The onboard LS7366R IC decodes the input which can be used for non-quadrative, up/down, free running and several other counting modes.

The decoded output is sent to the target MCU through the mikroBUS™ SPI interface. Additionally, a programmable interrupt pin is also available. Depending on the position of the onboard jumper, the Interrupt could either be LFLAG (open drain latched output) or DFLAG (push-pull output).

More details on the product page. The Libstock example is also ready.


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