A welcome improvement, one of many we are implementing.

clicks now shipped with soldered pins

The point of click boards is to make prototyping easy. When you buy one, what you really get is a team of engineers working under you. You picked the chip or module your project requires, trusting that we did the legwork: figured out the configuration of resistors and capacitors, wrote sample code and libraries and so on. All so you can focus on bigger ideas and bigger problems.

Asking you to solder the headers, however, was like a tailor delivering a shirt and asking you to sew your own buttons. It just felt as short of full service.

We were well aware of this inconsistency and worked towards mending it. Now, we finally have everything set in place so that click boards come with soldered headers, in a great new packaging.

New click board packaging
New click board packaging

Connoisseurs of fine soldering joints will be particularly pleased with their next click board purchase.

All click board headers will be soldered by our high end Ersa Versaflow, one of the world’s fastest selective soldering machines. Its nozzles deliver micro drops of flux that are vertically propelled on the solder joint with absolute precision. The dot of flux jetted from the nozzle can be as small as 3 mm in diameter. The action takes place in a nitrogen atmosphere, resulting in absolutely clean and shiny white solder joints.

All of this is in tune with our efforts to increase the value of each click board we offer. The click board libraries introduced last year, as well as the learn.mikroe.com articles about click boards are part of the same initiative. So far 22 clicks have been covered on learn.mikroe.com, with new articles coming out every week.

We hope you appreciate these improvements. How many click boards do you have in your collection? We’d like to now, because it motivates us to keep improving them. Write to marketing at mikroe com to share your click board stories.

Yours sincerely,

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