LEDs, knobs and buttons are the meat and potatoes of hardware prototyping. You have it all on Rotary click, showcased here by vlogger John B.

In his latest video John B talks about Rotary Y click (Y is for yellow, they come in different colors too). Connecting it to his EasyPIC Fusion, John bases his demo on our own Libstock example, but he expands on it by showing how to use the Rotary encoder to drive a PWM signal to dim and brighten an external LED.

He does it in a few different ways, showing the flexibility a Rotary Encoder offers over a conventional potentiometer. Towards the end, for example, he sets the LED ring as a binary counter for displaying the output value.

If you like John’s style – and you can tell he has style by the shirt he’s wearing – then you should have a look at his previous videos. We found out about him first when he reviewed the SpeakUp back in July last year. Then it was GSM2 click last November, and finally there was a PIC bootloader presentation this summer. A lot more videos are available on his channel.

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