At first, all classrooms had blackboards, then some of them introduced whiteboards, and now, in Germany they’ll introduce click boards — with Conrad’s “Internet der Dinge” (IoT) educational kit.

Conrad kit

Conrad recently launched an Internet of Things kit meant for schools. It consists of a FlowPaw, with a copy of FlowStone, along with eight click boards: Buzz click, Accel click, Proximity click, IrThermo click, Relay click, 7seg click, and Bluetooth click. But that’s not all.

An addition of a workbook for students and teachers is what makes this kit classroom-ready. It has multiple exercise projects with detailed instructions.

What a way to get students ready for the future. It’s like History class one period, then off to Future class to play with FlowPaw and click boards.

More information on Conrad’s website.

Hopefully, the kit will be succesfull in the classroom and spread over to other countries as well.

Yours sincerely,

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