I2C is one of the most popular serial communication protocols in embedded world. Hundreds of I2C compatible devices are available in the form of EEPROM, SRAM, I/O expander, Temperature sensor, LED driver, etc.

While mikroElektronika provides library routines for both software and hardware I2C communication with its compilers, the basic knowledge of I2C protocol and its device addressing scheme always helps in its implementation. Embedded Lab has just posted a new tutorial that describes how you can connect multiple I2C devices on a common bus without any address conflict.

In this experiment, our StartUSB for PIC board is used, to which they connected two serial EEPROMs (24LC512) and one temperature sensor (DS1631) simultaneously on a common I2C bus. The whole technique has been implemented with mikroC PRO for PIC compiler.

StartUSB for PIC and I2C Bus
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