We are proud to be the first manufacturer in the world to release two boards for FTDI Chip’s cutting-edge FT800/EVE graphics controller. We call them ConnectEVE and EVE click.


ConnectEVE brings fast and visually stunning user interfaces to your devices. It’s state-of-the-art FT800Q graphics controller integrates display, audio and touch onto a low cost, easy-to-use, single-chip solution. Twelve components (widgets) natively supported by FT800Q chip, transparency support, anti-aliasing and other features will make your designs shine. Price of the board is $69.00.

EVE Click™ features FT800Q graphics controller and additional modules all packed in mikroBUS™ form factor. It communicates with a microcontroller over SPI interface (up to 30 MHz). EVE click contains flat cable connector for connecting 4.3″ touchscreens. It also features LM4864 audio amplifier with output screw terminals as well as power LED diode. Price of the board is $39.00.

Now even 8-bit MCUs can run GUI devices without worrying about performance. FT800 easily handles 4.3” touch screen with 480x272px resolution. We provide free FT800 library for all of our mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers. Every feature of the controller is covered with a specialized function. Provided examples help you to get started quickly.

New Live Update 3.6.1 of VisualTFT software is released. It includes board definitions and improved code generators for these two boards. Now even total beginners will be able to create amazing TFT-based applications with ease.

We invite you to visit board webpages for more information.

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