This new tutorial from Embedded-Lab shows you the ins and outs of STM32’s clock hardware and it demonstrates how to use the clock configuration tool in mikroC for ARM.

clock configuration in mikroC

Shawn Shahriyar, the author, puts it like this:

When it comes to software, it is very easy to configure this vast array of hardware. The good stuff about MikroC PRO for ARM and the good news for us is the fact that its IDE already ported an easy-to-use clock configuration tool

Internal schematics, photos, videos and code snippets are provided, alongside the long detailed 3500 word write-up.

Dive in and you’ll learn how to configure each of the available internal and external clock sources (like HSE, LSE, HSI, LSI, Independent Watchdog, Window Watchdog…) and the various ways to achieve optimum clocking.

Shawon Shahriyar, wrote a few other STM32 tutorials on Embedded-lab. He always uses mikroC, so if that’s your compiler of choice it would be worth your while to check them out.

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