Today’s the first day of Computer Science Education week. Across the world, novices are participating in the “hour of coding” challenge. It’s a noble initiative intended to convince the general public that coding is the “literacy” of the 21st century.

code week

Of course as a reader of our site you don’t need convincing on the value of knowing your way around a compiler. So here’s a different challenge.

Venture into the book section of our site. Select a title that seems slightly out of your field of experience and try to get through it, if not by the end of the week, then by the end of the year.

There are about 35 titles there, and at least ten are for free—those books being among the most visited sections of our site for years now, even though we rarely mention them. So if you weren’t frequenting that part of our site before, code week is a good as any excuse to start.

Yours sincerely,

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