Compass 2 click is a magnetometer based on a high sensitivity Hall effect sensor.

Compass 2 click

Chinese people from two thousand years ago were the first to use compasses. It’s a tool as old civilization, or at least as old as sea-fairing.

Mankind kept improving on the idea, but the working principle is still the same.

We went from lodestone to silicon, and then finally to click boards ;). Compass 2 click is an improvement to its predecessor in that it has a configurable interface: you can set the output through SPI or I2C. This is convenient for those who use multiple click boards on boards with MCUs that have a limited number of peripherals.

Other than that, it has fairly standard precision rates. The internal ADC can be set to be either 12 or 16 bit.

You can see the schematic on the docs page, to see how the pins from the chip have been routed to the mikroBUS™. The Libstock example holds working code, everything else is on the product page.

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