Trent Jackson, one of the recent members of mikroE Forum posted a series of interesting projects, completely with source code written in mikroC PRO for PIC, schematics and great descriptions. A perfect material for the upcomming Libstock website.

We will present you with his 30-LED Novelty Star project. It’s done with PIC16F628A, and has a clever design and a well organized code, so after adding lots of animation patterns, the MCU is still left with 40% free space, which is quite an achievement on PIC16 microcontroller. What’s even better to hear is that the project fits in 2K compiler demo limit, so literally everyone can compile it with the free compiler version! Well done Trent!

So, we invite you to visit his forum topic, get the complete material, and if you like it, try building your own version at home. Don’t forget: you won’t have to purchase the compiler license, because the code is smaller than the compiler demo limit!

Community mikroC PRO for PIC Project: 30-LED Novelty Star
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