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Have you ever considered what kind of technology is necessary for you to know your exact location just by looking at your phone? Well, it takes at least four satellites orbiting the planet to be in view of a receiver to calculate such a precise position.

Thankfully, we have a new click that does all the hard work for you, GSM/GNSS click combines all the GSM functions with GPS and GLONASS location tracking.

GSM/GNSS click

GSM/GNSS click carries the MC60 quad-band module from Quectel. When the click is connected to a GPS antenna it can receive precise coordinates from orbiting satellites. The click has an onboard Bluetooth antenna and the MC60 module supports Bluetooth 3.0.

Send texts, share files over Bluetooth or find out what your location is. GSM combined with GNSS allows you to both communicate with other devices over the cellular network and have asset tracking as well.

Add the GSM/GNSS click to your suitcase and program it to notify you with an SMS of its location every 2 hours. Never again will you have to worry about your luggage being lost at some airport. Track anything else you would not like to lose track of.

Quectel’s EASY™ technology

EASY™ or Embedded Assist System allows the MC60’s GNSS engine to automatically calculate and predict orbits using the ephemeris data (up to 3 days) when the power is on.


GPS is not the only positioning system orbiting our planet. Although it has the most satellites, 33 to be exact. There are other systems in place as well. The second one, when it comes to the number of satellites is the Russian GLONASS — Global Navigation Satellite System, and it has 24 satellites.

Using a module that combines both these systems, like the MC60 module, featured on GSM/GNSS click, provides more accuracy and more stable results.

One obvious advantage that GLONASS has over GPS is that it has satellite systems meant for high latitudes, where GPS does not.

For more information about GPS you can take a look at our Learn article and the GSM/GNSS click product page.

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