Some people (like Danijela, our graphic designer) are very specific about colors. They won’t accept that something is just blue, or green or, yellow. They’ll say stuff like: that’s not green, that’s teal! … or that’s turquoise or whatever. And they’ll look at you like you’re color blind. Color 2 click carries a silicon equivalent of those people. It doesn’t know the fancy names of shades, but it can get way more specific.

color 2 click

The ISL29125 sensor aboard Color 2 click is an RGB color light sensor that can work in a variety of lighting conditions, from 5.7 m lux to 10,000 lux, providing an accuracte spectral response by converting colors into 12 or 16-bit data. You can differentiate a whole bunch of shades with 16 bits.

It’s your choice whether you’ll use 12 or 16 bits, but the appropriate approach is to use 12 bits in the narrower measuring range between 5.7 m lux and 375 lux, and 16 bits for the wider 0.152 to 10,000 lux range.

In both cases, the internal ADC rejects 50Hz and 60Hz flicker from artificial light sources. The chip also has an IR blocking filter, which means it can reliably operate under dark glass covers (which would ordinarily filter out the visible color while letting IR pass through).

The wide range of Color 2 click make it suitable for many applications. The chip manufacturer’s data sheet lists Dynamic display color balancing, LED lighting management, OLED display aging compensation and so on.

More details on the product page. We also made the Libstock example.


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