In our latest Let’s Make project, we use a mikromedia for PIC32, a mikroBUS™ shield, an Alcohol click™ and a Buzz click™ to climb the Ballmer peak and reach the heights of programming ability.

The Ballmer peak is the supposed sweet spot of BAC (blood alcohol content) that causes a sharp increase in programming ability. It was best explained in the famous xkcd comic.

It’s a delicate effect because the peak is preceeded and followed by a productivity slump, so you have to calibrate your dosage carefuly. Also, it’s unattanaible if you’re not of legal age to drink so don’t even try.

With this project, you can run a few experiments. Follow the procedure like our coder does in this dramatic reenactment: Tackle a problem. Get stuck. Drink a bit. Repeat until you experience some kind of breakthrough. That’s your Ballmer peak!

Check out the details and download the source code then start climbing.

Yours sincerely,

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