Play Embedded, a blog created and maintained by Italian students who we met earlier this year at Maker Faire Rome, ports the popular ChibiOS to clicker 2 for STM32.

Chibi OS

ChibiOS is a popular free open source RTOS available for STM32. A community driven project, ChibiOS exists since 2007 and is still in constant development.

According to the writers from Play Embedded, ChibiOS allows its users to develop advanced applications in a short time, once one gets the hang of how its kernel and HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) work. Another benefit is its high portability.

We haven’t tried it, but if you’re a clicker 2 owner, you can install ChibiOS directly through the clicker 2’s built-in USB HID bootloader. The latest blog post on Play Embedded offers a detailed guide, with code snippets included.

The writers promise more examples with some click boards in the coming future.

While you’re waiting for those posts, take a look at what is already published on the blog. Play Embedded seems like a useful resource for people who use STM32.

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