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A valuable resource for anyone who wants to program clicker 2 for PIC32MX with the Arduino IDE.

Teo from microcontroller-projects recently shared a document that shows how the Arduino IDE identifies individual pins on clicker 2 for PIC32MX. This will be a valuable reference source for people who use this board with chipKIT Core.

ChipKIT core is a HW/SW platform that enables you to program PIC32 MCUs with the Arduino IDE. The addition of clicker 2 to their list of supported boards was a recent development which we covered in this post.

Teo already wrote how to make clicker 2 for PIC32MX work with Arduino UNO a year ago. But the ChipKIT Core update vastly simplifies the process.

If programming clicker in the Arduino IDE sounds like a good idea to you, use Teo’s guide as a reference. It will save you considerable time and effort.

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