clicker 2 for PIC24 news

A battery powered, pocket-sized development board with two mikroBUS™ sockets – clicker 2 for PIC24.

So sit comfortably, and start thinking of a project you want to bring to life. Your idea is where it all begins, we will take care of the less creative part.

clicker 2 for PIC24

clicker 2 for PIC24 development board has everything you need to start developing right away: a powerful microcontroller from Microchip, micro USB connector, two LEDs and push buttons, reset button and headers for interfacing with external electronics.

With two mikroBUS™ sockets, you can add countless functionalities, and in any combination you desire. Combine wireless transceivers with temperature sensors, displays with humidity and altitude sensors, power management with storage click boards. It’s up to you to make the best possible combination.

For more information about the clicker 2 for PIC24, visit the product page.

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