Clicker 2 for PIC18FK news

clicker 2 for PIC18FK is a pocket-size development board with two mikroBUS™ sockets and the 8-bit PIC18F67K40 microcontroller from Microchip. It’s the quickest way to design and build your own device. Just add two click boards™ and you’re well on your way.

Clicker 2 for PIC18FK

Clicker 2 for PIC18FK carries an 8-bit PIC18F67K40 microcontroller from Microchip offering up to 64 MHz operation with 16 MIPS, with a built-in USB-HID bootloader that makes it easy to program.

The board has a li-polymer battery connector, an ON/OFF switch and a micro USB connector, so it can work as a standalone device. The 1×26 connection pads lining the sides of the clicker 2 for PIC18FK allow you to add extra components to your design. That also makes the board compatible with mikromedia shields.

Explore the click board range

With more than 280 click boards™ we have you can make some truly amazing combinations. Add wireless transceiver, sensors, displays, motor control click boards and more. So let us know what is the best two-click combination in your opinion, in the comment section.

As you know, each click board comes with a Libstock example.

For more information about the clicker 2 for PIC18FK see the product page.

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