Today we’re bringing Click boards to PC developers.

click USB adapter board released!

Click USB adapter board provides the necessary interface for connecting Click™ add-on boards to your PC through high speed USB connection, without the need for microcontroller as a mediator. It’s a pefect choice for PC developers who need certain external hardware modules in their applications. Easily create temperature dataloggers, gyroscope-driven joysticks, send SMS messages, read GPS location and everything else you can imagine – using only click boards and your PC. Click USB adapter features FT2232H dual high speed USB to multipurpose IC, Analog-to-Digital converter, EEPROM memory and a single mikroBUS™ host socket. Click USB adapter board can be powered through USB cable only. Two jumpers are provided on board. J1 jumper is used to select whether UART or I2C will be used. J2 selects whether AN pin on mikroBUS™ socket will be GPIO pin, or connected to MCP3204 AD converter circuit.

We invite you to visit the board webpage for more information.

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