Let’s set the scene. Beautiful Bologna, Italy – the city with the world’s oldest university. Fifty high school students from Italy have joined a summer school on embedded development.

As you can see from the image they have click boards™ on their desks. They are busy thinking of ways to use them with the Flip & click, which uses Zerynth Studio.

The MAST Summer School 2017

The students are having courses on rapid prototyping of physical and electronic objects with 3D printing, sensors, and actuators. As well as laboratory activity and learning about team building.

Since click boards™ are so easy to use, they are the perfect tool for the students. Paired up with the Flip & click they can make amazing projects.

You can get more information about the MAST summer school at their website.

The summer school started on July 2 and it lasts until July 9. Check out Zerynth’s post to see more images.

For more information about our click board™ range, visit the shop.

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