Ten months passed since we released the Arduino Uno click shield. Arguably, it’s the single shield that brings click boards to the largest maker community. Here’s a quick roundup of what people did with it.

Arduino click shield

This post was prompted by yesterday’s overview of the microcontroller-projects blog, which features two tutorials for using click boards with the Arduino. Beside the specific tutorials, for people interested in other click boards, the takeaway is this: when beginning a project, first thing thing to do is search google for the Arduino code for the chips and modules that are on the clicks of your choice. That way, you’ll benefit both from the huge Arduino community, and the hardware simplicity of clicks.

Little by little though, the Arduino Uno click shield is gaining traction within our own community. Libstock currently has three submissions that feature the Arduino Uno click shield. John Carber wrote examples for 4-20 mA T click and Stepper click. Jason Collins published an example for using GSM2 click with Arduino Uno.

Jason’s example bypasses Arduino Uno click shield for now (because it’s based on an Arduino library that uses different pins). However, in the description of the example Jason announced he will publish a click shield compatible example soon. So the GSM2 click + Arduino Uno click shield bundle is still a good deal.

The Arduino Uno has a ton of clones, and many other third-party boards use the same pinout. This makes the Arduino Uno click shield valuable to an even wider community.

A quick-start guide from Element 14, for example, shows how Thermo click can be used with Atmel’s SAMA5D3/4 Xplained boards using the shield.

In a similar manner, forum member Dxmaxim uses the Arduino Uno click shield to connect a relay click to a custom board that he designed. We found out about this from his relay click review on the forum.

Have you used Arduino Uno click shield? Share your code on Libstock, or at least give us your impressions on the forum or on Twitter/Facebook/G+.

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