A team from Domotique-info, the largest French home automation website, is developing a click board-compatible SBS (Smart Board Sensors) system for interfacing sensors and actuators with home automation controllers.


The Domotique-info team is designing a system that will make it easy to use click boards for home automation tasks.

Beside click boards, the SBS system is also compatible with Gadgeteer modules (we already wrote about the mikroBUS.net team that brings together mikroBUS™ and NETMF), as well as with home automation controllers from Fibaro.

Sebastien Joly from the team says that the project is currently in alpha stage. He’s expecting it to be ready for market by the end of the year. Once that happens, we’ll report on it further.

If you can read French, you can learn more about SBS on the project webpage (or try using Google translate).

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