A live update for PIC compilers adds ICD support for 89 additional MCUs, and support for 7 new MCUs. New library also included.

PIC compilers update

Two days before New Year’s we’ve added a little surprise under the Help menu of your PIC compiler. Go to Help -> Check for updates, and your copy of mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal will be upgraded to version 6.5.0.

These are the new supported MCUs:

– P12LF1552
– P16F1614
– P16F1615
– P16F1618
– P16F1619
– P16LF1554
– P16LF1559

For the complete list of 89 MCUs that now have ICD (in-circuit debugger) support, once you update, see the “What’s New” log, also under the Help Menu.

The update also carries a new USB library for PIC18FJ94 for each compiler.

If you don’t own a license for one of our PIC compilers, this is the time to consider one. Their price is 20% down for two more days because of our end of year sales. On top of that, you’ll get another 10% of discount at checkout, which applies to all items in your cart.

To remind you, this offer lasts until December 31, 5:00 PM CET.

Yours sincerely,

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