Want to get more ideas and learn more on how to use our mikromedia boards? Try this newly released book about User Interface Design for Embedded Applications by our long time friend and supporter Lucio Di Jasio.

Our friend Lucio Di Jasio is one of those people that make you feel humble about your own to-do list. Here’s a guy who works in management (Microchip’s business development for Europe), flies a plane, maintains a blog, and then somehow finds even more time to write a full-length book.

Lucio has been collecting ideas and creating projects using mikromedia boards for the past five years, and the result is this 290 page book titled “Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB“. The book is comprised of 8 chapters of gradually increasing complexity taking readers through a number of projects that explore the multimedia capabilities of mikromedia for PIC24 (with PIC32 coming soon). The author promises a hands on learning experience:

“In the book you will learn how to interface to color graphics displays (TFT), read touch screen inputs to design compelling graphical user interfaces for your embedded control applications.

You will use sound to provide quality audible feedback. You will learn how to store and retrieve data (fonts, audio, images…) from serial Flash devices and microSD cards. And of course, you will expand your connectivity options to include Full Speed USB and to communicate with personal computers and other devices. By learning how to leverage two USB classes in particular, HID and CDC, you will avoid most of the USB unnecessary complexity and get straight to address the two most common use cases in embedded control.”

You can order the book from here, for more details about it, visit Lucio’s blog

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