Matrix click (comes in two colors) carries a pair of compact 7×5 red or green LED matrices capable of displaying ASCII characters.

Matrix G click

These come in two colors, red or green. Smaller than our previous LED matrix solutions (see 7×10 click, or 8×8 click), these are 7.62mm high and 5.08 mm wide. Also note that they run on a 5V power supply.

As we already said once, despite Retinas, 4K TVs, and 300+ DPI smartphone screens, simple dot matrix displays persist. We read bus and railway departure times, vending machine menus, sometimes even news and advertisements from them. It’s an easy to implement, flexible and straightforward way to quickly relay important messages, without any clutter.

The 7×10 pattern for matrices give you a dual-character display, four if you double up on a board with two adjacent mikroBUS sockets, such as clicker 2 or Flip & click. It’s enough space to display an entire novel if required – simply implement horizontal scrolling.

Of course if you need more LEDs, you will want to check out RGB Matrix click.

More details on the product page (red or green). The Libstock example is same for both.


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