Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day with optimism. Plus a 20% discount on all our electronic compiler licenses (+ Visual TFT and Visual GLCD) and Flip & click. Offer lasts until March 9, 12:00 noon CET.

Women’s day

Last year we ran an article about women in tech. We highlighted the problem of not enough women among STEM field students, startup founders, C-level executives and so on.

One of the stats we quoted was that only 10% of our website visitors were female. Preparing our International Women’s Day Offer for this year, we looked into our analytics again. Turns out the number climbed to 17%.

Our Tech Support, Hardware and Software departments have more female engineers compared to last year.

Looking at Google Trends, one can see that gender inequality, gender pay gap and similar terms are getting more traffic in recent years.

A Harvard University economist cites that the gender pay gap is smallest in the tech industry. Female Electronics Engineers earn 91% of what their male peers do. For comparison, in the Financial industry women make just 66% for the same work.

Salary inequality is not the only issue relating to workplace gender bias, but it’s the easiest one to quantify.

Problems exist, but things are improving. It’s important to note, however, that most of this research is USA-based. The situation may be different in other parts of the world.

These issues run deep, are often a consequence of cultural burden, but when it comes down to it – competent engineers are competent engineers and they don’t grow on trees. As time goes by, employers will have less and less room to make stupid hiring decisions based on arbitrary criteria.

True as that is, in many environments women have to do more than men to prove their competency, and often with fewer resources at hand.

To support women in our industry, this International Women’s Day we are offering a 20% discount on electronic licenses for all 21 of our compilers + VisualTFT and Visual GLCD. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to accomplish more in less time and race past your peers and competition – whether you are struggling through corporate ranks or trying to build up your own small business.

Additionally, we want to help those of you who are curious about electronics but don’t know where to start, the Arduino/Python-compatible Flip & click is the perfect board. Flip & click is also 20% off for the duration of the offer.

Flip & click 20% OFF
Compilers 20% OFF

Yours sincerely,

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