cc3100 click board released

The click board for one of the most popular WiFi modules gets an upgrade. The new chip inherits all the benefits of the original, lowering power consumption while increasing throughput, and adding cutting-edge security features.

Implementing WiFi into embedded systems is typically a demanding task – both for the host MCU and to the developers who have to write the code.

The Texas Instruments SimpleLink™ WiFi modules changed this by offering modules that are way simpler to use (with integrated TCP/IP protocol stacks, but also WiFi drivers with a simple API).

Several power-saving, security, and ease-of-use features make CC3100 a desirable solution that has been used in several commercial products.

Hackaday said it best when they first wrote about CC3100: “If you’re looking to pull a hardware startup out of your hat, you might want to plan your Kickstarter around this chip.”

What kind of WiFi-enabled device will you build with CC3100 click

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