Libraries and examples are very important for any developer. Today we present you with the library for CC3000 WiFi module.

CC3000 WiFi Library released!

mikromedia 5 for Tiva is the first board carrying Texas Instrument’s popular CC3000 WiFi module. For those who don’t know, it is a self-contained wireless network processor that simplifies the implementation of Internet connectivity. TI’s SimpleLink Wi-Fi solution minimizes the software requirements of the host microcontroller and is the ideal solution for embedded applications using any low-cost and low-power MCU.

We’ve added support for the CC3000 in the Network WiFi Library package, initially supporting only Tiva microcontrollers. Support for other architectures will follow shortly after. Library is rich with routines and covers most features.

Users must ensure that the 1.24 service pack version is flashed into the CC3000 device. In order to find out which service pack version is flashed into the CC3000 device, please use the Net_Wireless_CC3000_NvmemReadSpVer library routine.

Library is exclusively shared on Libstock website.

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