Capacitive sensing elements are found in most modern devices. With CapSense click you have a quick solution with two buttons and a capacitive slider. Check it out!

CapSense click released!

CapSense click™ add-on board features a capacitive sensing module CY8C201A0 which takes human body capacitance as an input and directly provides the real time sensor information via I2C output. The board contains capacitive sensing elements (5-segment slider and two buttons) as well as two LEDs. The CY8C201A0 capacitive controller has high immunity against radiated and conductive noise. The board is designed to use 3.3V or 5V power supply. This is determined by the position of SMD jumper.

Board represents an ideal solution for adding capacitive control interface of your devices, such as Printers, Cellular handsets, LCD monitors, Portable DVD players, etc.

We invite you to visit the board webpage for more information.

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