Add up to 12 capacitive inputs to your prototype with Cap Extend click. Similar to TouchClamp click, you can connect any kind of conductive object you can think of and turn it into a button – or even a proximity detector.

Cap Extend click

What’s different compared to TouchClamp click is that this one uses conventional pins instead of plated holes for alligator clips. With Cap Extend click you would use conventional wire jumpers, but the advantage is that you can fit up to 12.

In addition, Cap Extend click also features 8 GPIO pins on the edges of the board, which can be used to drive LEDs.

One interesting combination that arises from these two features, is that you can set up LEDs to fade-in as a user’s finger approaches the capacitive input (remember, the SX8633 can be used as a proximity detector).

Due to the high resolution and fine sensitivity of the IC, you can use capacitive inputs of various sizes and shapes, and you can even cover them with up to 5mm of overlay material.

The [technology is the same as on TouchClamp click, so you can check the previously-released learn article for a detailed explanation. Check the Libstock example to see working code in action. The schematics and data sheets are on the docs page.

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