The best way to review Camera click is to record the video review with it.

Here’s a closer look at Camera click, arguably one of the more interesting click boards. How did we actually make a camera run on what seems to be limited resources (for video at least). How’s the picture quality? How sharp is the focus?

John B lays it all down for you in this concise review.

The OV7670 CMOS image sensor doesn’t exactly give 4k video, but the resolution is quite enough for specific applications, for example, security and monitoring. Especially when you consider the overall energy cost of such a system.

Camera click also utilises an FT900 chip – which is the 32-bit MCU with a proprietary core from FTDI Chip. Incidentally, we provide a full development solution for FT90x. It’s an architecture with outstanding specs, worth checking out. The compiler even comes with a 45-day time trial license, so you can experience it with no limitations for a month and a half. Currently it’s the only compiler such a trial that we offer.

Yours sincerely,

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